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I may have frightened the cat with my shrieks of laughter at the clip they played.

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*ahem* “Met this weekend & he kindly took a photo with me. I was very excited and I think it showed.


PS: I am writing this in the nude x



Not gonna tag this one since heartrachel found it first…I just really wanted the full pic on my blog (x)

I just love that they managed to catch such an elusive angle! He looks downright masculine. No hint of the confuser here.

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Noel’s stand up for Montreal Just for Laughs, July 2014. 

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Noel out and about in Montreal, 26th July 2014.

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it makes me really happy to see pictures of noel out and he’s not the drunkest girl at the party. 



Sometimes Noel’s trousers are so low it’s not even a happy trail anymore—it’s just full-on pubes.

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Teasaaaaaaahs From Toyah | The Velvet Onion


7 Jun - © Toyah Willcox

The Crimson Queen herself, Toyah Willcox, has teased further information about Steve Oram‘s début directorial feature, Aaaaaaaah!

Since it was announced in January, news of the production has been thin on the ground. Filming was due to start in April, but was delayed for some unknown reason – potentially the top-notch cast and their hectic schedules!

The film, in which Oram, Willcox, Tom Meeten, Julian Barratt, Tony Way, Waen Shepherd, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Hannah Hoeskra will communicate entirely in ape-like grunts, shrieks and moans, promises to be a typically surreal treat from the unique mind of Steve Oram.

In it, Oram and Meeten will play marauding characters who encroach into the hostile territory of the kitchen, with Barratt the former alpha-male who, now deposed, lives in the garden.

Last month, Willcox posted a photo of her copy of the script, which she was reading in Seattle whilst touring with The Humans – the side project she founded with Chris Wong and former REM drummer Bill Rieflin. It came alongside the message: “Learning AAHHHH! In Lowell’s Seattle. This script is brilliant…..and naughty xxx”

Now her website’s official blog has provided more details, including the planned start date for filming. She writes: “…Steve Oram’s film shoot starts on the 30th June, so fingers crossed all will run smoothly and effortlessly once we get into July for the rest of the shoot.

Steve and I are in regular contact as he sends me test films where he and other cast members have got together and improvised how we are going to deal with the lack of language. He has stripped the language down to the bare minimum of guttural grunts and the way he is shooting the scenes……..all I can say….it makes one hell of a comment about life………I find his idea of there being no language as we know it, very sinister as well as funny. He has struck a great idea here.”

We can’t wait. More news on Aaaaaaaah! as we get it.


…so Barratt is working on TWO films now!!

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Photo Set


I like Boosh butts and I cannot lie.

I do love asses.

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and before Brit-ish. Gonna be a great show! ” - {x}

Noel got himself a new bag.


plasticine noel from the series two intro is the cutest thing ever.


paul panfer is too much, i don’t even know where to look.


i’ve never loved noel fielding as much as i did when he called one direction “one decision.” 


Time for a much needed Barratt Boost.